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All bookings taken are at the discretion of Elite Bridal by Emma

Bookings are only secured once a Booking Fee has been made and cleared

It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking terms & conditions, including all payments due by specified dates. By proceeding to pay a deposit, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions outlined on this contract.






































The Company refers to Emma, Company Owner and Director of Elite Bridal by Emma

The Client refers to the recipient of the service

The Event refers to the occasion for which the service has been agreed

The Booking Fee refers to the amount payable by the Client to the Company to secure their wedding date with the Artist. This may also be referred to as a deposit.

Agreement refers to the agreement between the Client and the Company, confirmed by email, for provision of the service

The Agreed Artist refers to the artist from the Company that has been booked by the Client to complete the agreed hair/makeup services

Emma refers to the Company director

Team members refers to assisting artists of Elite Bridal by Emma

The Bridal Party refers to persons in addition to the Client requiring services at the Event



• Enquiries are taken via email, Social media messages, telephone or completion of a contact form via the Company’s website.

• The Company will send a quote to the Client and confirm Emma or team member’s availability for the Client’s Event.

• The Booking Fee is always agreed via the quote the client receives. Verbal agreements are not deemed valid by the Company.

• Bookings are only secured once a Booking Fee has been made and cleared. The Company’s receipt of this will be confirmed to the Client.

• The Client’s payment of the Booking Fee confirms the booking and secures the Agreed Artist’s availability for the Client’s Event on the agreed date and time for the agreed Fee in accordance with these terms and conditions.

• Enquiries for which a Booking Fee has not been paid are not confirmed and therefore availability cannot be guaranteed, and an agreement is not formally in place.

• Cancellations are only deemed valid if received in writing via email.



• All payment is required by BACS bank transfer to the companies payment details outlined on the quote

• Bookings are only confirmed once the Booking Fee has cleared in the Company’s bank account.

• Once a Booking Fee has been paid by the Client, receipt of this will be confirmed by the Company.

• The pricing quoted at the time of the booking will be honoured and any general price changes between the time of booking and the Client’s Event date will not affect the agreed Fee for the services booked.

• All discounts are agreed at the time of booking based on the size of the booking. If the number or party changes any discounts will no longer be applicable and the company's pricing at that current time will be charged.

• Failure or delay to make payments in the time frames stated below may result in late payment charges with all previous payments made non-refundable.



• The Booking Fee/deposit is the amount detailed on your quote. This is due within 48 hours of receiving your quote to secure me and any team members for your event date. Thereafter, your date will be offered to client’s on mine and my team members' waiting list for that date.

• The Booking Fee confirms and secures the Client’s Event date with the Agreed Artist at the agreed Fee.

• The Booking Fee is fully redeemable against the final balance.

• The Booking Fee is non-refundable upon cancellation.

• The Booking Fee is non-transferrable to another Event date.

• All services are final and confirmed once this has been received, any changes to your booking will be at the company's discretion. Additional services may be added at the Agreed Artist’s discretion and approved by the Company. The Client will be billed accordingly for any additional services required.



• All final payments for the wedding day services must be made and cleared 4 weeks prior to the Event date.

• The Final Payment Instalment is non-refundable upon cancellation.

• The Final Payment Instalment is non-transferrable to another Event date.



• All final balance payments for the Event day services must be made and cleared 4 weeks prior to the Event


• The Final Payment Instalment is non-refundable upon cancellation.

• The Final Payment Instalment is non-transferrable to another Event date.


By signing my Terms and Conditions, the Client is entering into a contract with the Company and is bound by its terms and conditions.



• The Client can cancel the Event at any time. All cancellations or changes to service must be stated in writing via email to the Company and only confirmed once the Client has received a reply from the Company.

• If notice of cancellation is given less than 12 weeks prior to the wedding date for wedding bookings, the full outstanding amount is still payable

• The Company will be under no obligation to refund any money paid up until point of cancellation, however the Client will not be liable for any further payments (unless notice was given after monies were due as stipulated above).

• The Client can cancel a trial at any point, however a trial cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice to the Company will be charged at the rate of £100 to cover loss.

• Cancellations for services booked where travel and/or accommodation expenses have been paid for by the Company and are non-refundable by the provider will need to be reimbursed in full by the Client to the Company.



• In the highly unlikely Event of an emergency or illness on the Company’s behalf, they agree to make every effort to find the Client an equally capable replacement artist who will be fully briefed on both the Client’s and the party’s hair and makeup looks. If a trial has been carried out costs for this will not be refunded due to the nature the client has received that service, however, any trial product notes and pictures taken at the trial will be transferred to the new replacement artist so they can recreate your look and see the style and products used from the hair/makeup trial. If this is not possible, a its not possible to find a replacement, a full refund will be given for the Event day services minus the booking fee and any trial costs, if the trial has already taken place. No further compensation will be offered.



• Should the Client need to postpone / change the date of booking / agreed upon date of service, the Company allows for one date change only per booking (subject to the Company’s availability to cover the alternative date which cannot be guaranteed). Thereafter any further date changes will be considered a cancellation and a new booking with Booking Fee payment and new payment schedule at the company's pricing for that year will be required to secure the new date.

• Booking date changes will not be accepted after 12 weeks prior to the agreed Event date. Date changes / postponements thereafter will be considered a cancellation of services and all Fees paid by the Client will be retained by the Company. No further compensation will be offered.

• Postponements and date changes to bookings are subject to availability of the Agreed Artist. 

• Providing the Client has not yet had a trial and therefore has only paid the booking fee and not made the final balance payment; If the Agreed Artist on the booking is not available for the new postponed date, the Company will endeavour to find the Client an alternative team member. The Booking Fee paid will be transferred to the Client’s new date to secure the new agreed date with the new Agreed Artist.

• If the Client has already had a trial with their Agreed Artist and the Agreed Artist does not have availability for the new Event date, this will be regarded as a cancellation of services and all Fees paid by the Client will be retained by the agreed artist to cover the trial cost with that agreed artist. No further compensation will be offered. The client can then make a new booking with the new agreed artist and arrange a trial with the new agreed artist for the new event date.

Terms of postponements:

• Postponements will only be accepted should the new rescheduled date fall within the same year of the initial Event date.

• Should the new rescheduled date move to the following year; the Company will only accept

postponements/and be able to transfer the date, if the new date falls during the week (Monday-Thursday). If the new date falls on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the following year - this will be considered a new booking at the company's pricing for that year with new Booking Fee payment and payment schedule, meaning that the Client’s initial booking therefore cannot be transferred, and any Booking Fees cannot be transferred.



Notification should be given of any changes to the booking and trial as soon as possible. This includes changes to the number of Clients, location, dates and times. It is the Client’s responsibility to do this as the Company cannot guarantee availability for either Emma or Team Members all day. 

Changes must be confirmed in writing via email and are not accepted as written notice until you have received a reply from the Company. Any discounts offered by the Company to the Client will only apply at the time of booking and will not be applied to any changes made after this time. Changes in agreed services may forfeit any discount applied by the Company at the time of booking.



If notice for a change of trial date is given by the Client in advance of 24 hours of the trial date agreed, an alternative date will be approved between the Client and Agreed Artist. If notice for a change of trial date is given by the Client less than 24 hours before the agreed date, the Client will forfeit the full fee for the trial service(s) to cover the lost appointment. A new trial payment will be due to secure a further date with the artist. Should a trial session booking by the Agreed Artist and Client need to be regrettably changed by the artist, the Client will be informed ASAP and the Agreed Artist will endeavour to find an alternative date suitable to the Client.



All bride booking must have a trial. Notice for a cancellation/change of trial numbers must be  given in advance of 48 hours of the trial date agreed. If notice is given in 48 for a cancellation of a bridal party trial who no longer wants a trial, the amount for their trial will be deducted from the client's final balance. If notice for a change or cancellation of trial numbers is given less than 48 hours, the Client will forfeit the full fee paid for the trials and new payment will be required to book a new trial.



Please see 4.3 – Client Postponements.



All wedding day services are confirmed and final once the Client has paid the deposit. Changes to wedding day services can be reduced, however, if this falls below my minimum booking the client will still be charged at my minimum booking rate. (see 10. MINIMUM BOOKING REQUIREMENTS)

Additional services may be added at the Agreed Artist’s discretion and approved by the Company. The Clients will be billed accordingly for any additional services and team members required to help carry out the additional services in a timely manner (only if required). 



In accordance with the Company’s travel terms, additional travel Fees may apply if the booking location changes and the Client will be billed accordingly. If the location changes dramatically the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking.



• Travel expenses will be charged at 0.50p per mile from the Agreed Artist’s home. Any free travel miles included in the chosen package you book will be deducted from travel expenses quoted.

• The Client is liable to pay congestion, low emission zone and parking charges where necessary and will be quoted accordingly.

• Travel by Public Transport, Rail, Air, Taxis or Uber: Expenses are charged at cost to the Client and will be added to the Client’s final balance.

• Any accommodation/over night stays agreed are charged at cost to the Client and will be added to the Client’s final balance.

• For destination weddings/bookings all travel and accommodation are to be paid for by the Client.

• In the Event of travel arrangements (including accommodation) being disrupted/cancelled for reasons not in control of either the Client or Company/Agreed Artist, and are non-refundable by the provider, the Client agrees to reimburse the Company for any losses incurred. Failure to do this may result in the cancellation of the booking with all previous payment made non-refundable.



• The Client will be responsible for the payment of the following: reasonable return flights,

accommodation, transfers to and from the airport and any transfers required by the Agreed Artist at the destination. This will be agreed between the Company and Client in the booking process.

• Travel to and from the airport will be charged as well as any parking Fees that may incur. Alternatively, the Client can cover taxi fares to and from the airport. This will be stipulated in the booking process.

• Travel days are charged at £150 per day. Two travel days will be quoted for travelling to the chosen destination; this is to cover the Agreed Artist for not being available to work with other clients on the travel days either side of the event date. Travel days may be subject to artist’s discretion of staying on or depending when the artist can travel back, i.e. due to

location of venue, transport and flight times.

• For larger wedding bookings where an additional artist is needed, the above travel and accommodation will need to be covered for the additional artist as well as the main artist on the booking.

• A subsistence supplement Fee of £15 per day will be added to each day the artist/s will be travelling attributable to the destination booking.



• All trial appointments are held Monday - Thursday in daylight hours between 10.00am up to 5.00pm. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for wedding bookings. Evening and weekend trials are only taken at the discretion of your Agreed Artist.

• Trials booked with Elite Bridal by Emma at her home studio in Poole, BH12 2LH (full address will be confirmed once the booking fee has been paid and the booking is confirmed). Trials booked at an alternative address will incur a surcharge of £25 to pack up and set up the kit outside of the studio plus additional travel charges from the studio if applicable.

• Trials booked with team members will be held at either the Client’s home or the team members address and will be confirmed by the team member. Additional travel/congestion/parking charges may apply if applicable.

• Bride trials are first priority, if asked to take on bridal party trials I will confirm my availability for this. 

• Bridal trials are capped at 1.5hrs for hair or makeup and 3 hours for hair and makeup.

The Company endeavours to ensure the Client is satisfied at their trial, however, any additional time required will be charged at £25 per extra 30 minutes.

• If the Client requires a second trial, another payment at cost of a second trial will be required.

• It is advisable that you familiarise yourself with the company’s work portfolio and ensure you are confident our capabilities and style are appropriate for what you are looking for before securing a booking. We strive to ensure that all participants are happy with the results of a trial before we leave. However, In the unlikely event that you, or any of your bridal party, decide after your trial that you are not satisfied, you are asked to contact us immediately so that we can resolve the matter. Refunds, retrials, or cancellations without charges are

solely at the company’s discretion.





Overnight accommodation may be required should travel exceed 2 hours (4 hours round trip) from the agreed Artist’s home to the booking address. This is quoted to the Client when enquiring. 

This should be arranged by means of either option A) or B) below:

o A) suitable overnight accommodation will be organised and paid for by the Client. The

accommodation should be within a 15-minute journey of the booking location.

o B) suitable overnight accommodation will be organised by the Company. This will be agreed by and fully reimbursed by the Client against the clients final balance.



If a booking is requested for one artist but is deemed by the Company not to be possible for one person due to time constraints, an additional artist will need to be booked for an additional £100 per additional artist added to the booking. This will be discussed with the Client when an enquiry is made to the Company.



Individual lash application is included for the Bride’s makeup service and the bridal parties makeup service depending on the package you chose to book, There is no reduction in

price for any makeup service if they are declined. Any Bridal Party that want

Lashes which are not included in the booked package will incur additional costs which will be added to the client’s final balance.



Flower girl services are subject to their age and time allocations. The service is limited to 45 mins max for both hair and makeup and 30 mins max for hair or makeup only.

The flower girl hair service is ideal for very young bridesmaids (under 14 years) requiring simple hair styling such as curls and braids. The service is limited to 30 mins Max.



Hair extensions or hair accessories are not supplied from the Company as part of the hair service, however, you can purchase or rent my own branded hair extensions from me as well as purchase my own brand hair accessories. If supplied by the Client, the Agreed Artist will apply both hair accessories or clip in hair extensions for the Client or bridal party as part of their hair service.



If preparation for the wedding day is split between 2 locations, a pack down/re-set up fee of £25 will be charged.



• The following days for wedding bookings may have minimum booking requirements of bride plus three adults:

o Friday, Saturday and Sundays in May – October

o Bank Holidays Dates in April - October

• Minimum requirements will be quoted to the Client when enquiring for the above dates.

• Surcharges will be charged to the Client until the minimum spend is reached.




• It is the Client’s responsibility to inform the Company or team member of any potential issues such as but not limited to medical conditions, allergies, and/or skin sensitivities. Neither the Company nor team member can be held liable for any condition that arises or loss incurred by the Client/party if the Client has not informed the Company and/or team member of any known conditions as stated above, or of any conditions unknown to the Client at the time of the service. Neither the Company nor the team will be held responsible for any personal injury sustained as a result of taking part in any hair and makeup services provided.

• The Company and/or team member reserve the right to cancel the agreement if the behaviour of the Client is deemed inappropriate and/or if the Client reports a condition that the Company and/or team member deem as a risk to the Client’s health and well-being. In these cases, any payments that have already been made by the Client for the service are non-refundable.

• The Company and/or team member reserve the right to cancel the agreement should the booking be made under false pretences, such as doing a special occasion when it is a wedding booking.

• It is the Client’s responsibility to provide a suitable working space for the Agreed Artist such as adequate space, light, electricity points and hand washing facilities.

• It is the Client’s responsibility to provide basic refreshments during the wedding/Event day services.

• The Client agrees to keep children and infants away from any and all makeup, hair products and heated styling tools for Health & Safety reasons. Neither the Company nor the team member will be held responsible for any injury sustained in any Events of this nature.

• The Client accepts responsibility to ensure any clothing and accessories needed for the wedding day is kept out of the way of our hair and makeup working area. If products of any kind get on clothing or accessories, the Company cannot be held liable.

• A schedule for the Event day services will be given to the Client by the Agreed Artist prior to the Event day. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure every member of its party is aware of timings on the day and that they stay available.

• The Client accepts that the Agreed Artist cannot style anyone’s hair that has head lice.

• The client must ensure that our team will be working in a suitable environment with adequate lighting, electricity points, and hand washing facilities. Please ensure every member of your party is aware of timings on the day and that they need to be, and remain, available. Prior to having makeup applied or hair styled please ensure you and your party are prepared, to avoid leaving the chair whilst Emma/team members are working. Please ensure teeth are cleaned, you have been to the toilet and contact lenses are applied (if applicable), before sitting in the chair. Also make sure you are make-up free, (Emma/team members will prep your skin.) On A wedding day, time is of the essence. Please ensure hair is clean, completely dry, and free from product. It is advised the clients wash their hair the night before and avoid heavy conditioners. If the client or any bridal party has wet hair they will be expected to dry it thoroughly themselves before Emma/team members start. Please do not eat or speak on your mobile phone during makeup application as it hinders Emma/team members from applying makeup. Please do not sit children/babies on your lap whilst having your hair styled or make-up applied. For their own safety please ensure that children are kept away from Emma/team members styling tools and products at all times. Styling irons are extremely hot, and hazardous, and we will not be held responsible if a child is injured as a result of the parent or carer not being present.



• The Company will always endeavour to honour the agreement to the best of its ability.

• There may be circumstances beyond the control of the Company where either Emma or a team member is unwell, delayed or otherwise unavailable, sometimes at short notice. In such a case the Company will inform the Client at its earliest convenience and endeavour to make favourable alternative arrangements if possible.

• Neither the Company nor the Agreed Artist will be held responsible for any delays caused by Events beyond their control. No refund or compensation will be given in the Event of delays caused by other wedding vendors, guests, or members of the bridal party.

• The Company shall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations hereunder that is caused by an Event outside its control including, without limitation, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, robbery of the artist’s kit needed to carry out work, road traffic accident or traffic delays, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or any other natural disaster, failure of public or private telecommunications or transportation networks or damage to or failure of any mode of transportation used by the Agreed Artist. If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the Company or Agreed Artist, every possible endeavour to rectify such situations will be made, however no compensation will be offered on the Company’s part. The Client may want to explore wedding insurance options as a protection against such circumstances.



The Company is not liable for any suppliers that are recommended.

Emma and team members are covered by their own Public Liability insurance which can be provided upon request.



• Photos will be taken of the Client’s hair and makeup on the trial day to be used as a reference for the wedding day to recreate the look. A face sheet will also be recorded by Emma after your trial with a record of each product and shades used to create your hair/makeup look.

• Photos taken at the trial and/or Event day may be used for marketing purposes which include but are not limited to the Company/Agreed Artist’s website and social media.

• The Company/Agreed Artist may contact the Client and/or the Client’s photographer to request images from the Event. The Company/Agreed Artist agrees to credit the photographer when using these images.

• If the Client does not agree to the above, notice must be given in writing to the Company and/or Agreed Artist.

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