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6 Essentials you need on your wedding day!

First, Breakfast! - An absolute must on your wedding morning. There is usually so much going on that it is easy to forget, however, its important with such a long day ahead of you.

Sewing Kit - Good for any last minute alterations on the bridal parties dresses, whether its an extra button, a busted zip or a loose hemp. It's worth having as a 'just in case'.

Nail Kit - Perfect for anyone who forgot to get their nails painted. A file, varnish remover and a neutral/pink tone of varnish is the ultimate back up.

Small pair of scissors - For all those tags needing cutting out of dresses and hair accessories.

Crochet hook - Super handy for those difficult buttons on the back of a wedding dress and it will save your time and your manicure!

Shoe insoles/compeed plasters - For any potential blisters that may pop up throughout the day.

Emma x

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