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MUST HAVE beauty treatments ahead of your wedding day!

Begin having facials every 4 weeks in the running up to your wedding day to make sure your skin is in great condition

1. Facials are perfect for the run up to your wedding!

2. Start using a hair mask suitable for your hair type once a week

3. Start drinking at least 2 litres of water a day to hydrate from the inside out

4. Get into a good skincare routine morning and night to keep your skin looking its best

Bridal beauty treatments 6-8 weeks before (or before you have your hair and makeup trial)

1. If you think you might want lash extensions on the day, get them a week or so before your trial so you can see if you like them with your makeup or if you think they are too much.

2. If you plan to be tanned, get a spray tan 2-3 days before your makeup trial so you can see how the colours and tones look with your new tan!

Bridal beauty treatments 3-7 days before

1. Get any body or facial waxing done (it removes the top layer of your dermis and makeup doesn’t apply well on freshly waxed skin) 

2. Have your last facial before the wedding to help prevent any breakouts and give your skin a chance to settle before your wedding day

3. Have a hair trim and your colour freshly done ahead of the day so it doesn't fade.

Bridal beauty treatments 2 days before

1. Get your spray tan done 

2. Have your nails and pedicure done after your tan to prevent staining

3. Have your lashes done, whether semi-permanent extensions or a lash lift and tint

4. Have your brows tinted

Bridal beauty treatments for the night before

1. Hydrating face/eye mask

2. Wash and dry your hair ready for styling, unless otherwise recommended by your hair stylist

Relax!!! Easier said than done, but set the scene. Light scented candles, listen to your favourite tunes, watch your favourite movie, have a bath.

Emma x

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